Control System Conversion

Complete plug & play control system for the Construction Hoists. It includes a touchscreen for the system’s self-diagnostic and notification. Call-in system for each floor as well as automatic floor leveling system.
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Personnel and material hoist ages quickly, given the nature of the construction environment and technological advancements in VFD – Variable Frequency Drives and PLC – Programmable Logical Controllers. A lot of older elevators could easily serve another 10 years if you upgrade the controls to a new Intuitive and less troublesome design where we eliminated relay logic and unnecessary circuitry and replaced it with solid-state controls moreover adding such standard features such as:

  • Automatic floor leveling system.
  • Intuitive notification touchscreen display for system malfunctions.
  • Floor call-in system.


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How we solve it

Our new control system includes an intuitive LCD touchscreen display which provides real-time monitoring information as well as the total system status of the hoist. This allows the technician to go directly to the problem skipping the troubleshooting stage.

We solve all issues related to obsolete or aged components. Such as the complete Control system, Electric motors, Gearboxes, VFDs, and Pinions.

The components we use in our new design are from world-renowned manufacturers such as Schneider, Mitsubishi, Eaton, Vacon, and Siemens.

Input Voltage
Limit Switches
Brake Rectifier
Frequency Inverter
PLC Controller
Short Detection
Emergency Stops
Brake Coils
Cooling Fans